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A Simple, Touching Gift

Do not expect to find the usual, typical, everyday card at Windy Corner. We feature silly, a little irreverent, a bit off color and just plain funny birthday cards. For more serious occasions, find beautiful cards with meaningful messages that show we truly care about you and the important events in your life.


Share Your Feelings

In the moment, it can be hard to know exactly what to say, so let our greeting cards do the talking for you. We carefully hand-select each brand to find cards with lyrical, heartfelt, or amusing messages, giving you the perfect platform to share the depth of your love, gratitude, joy, or condolences. Ranging in price from $2.50 to $3.00, some of our top brands consist of:

Lang | Peg Conley | Passages | It Takes Two | Go Girl | Elizabethan Productions

Unique Designs

At our store, we look high and low for greeting cards you simply cannot find anywhere else. Nothing you find on our shelves can be seen in your standard grocery store, including, for those who are daring, a few that are bit more racy. Still searching for the perfect gift? Take a look at our selection of accessories and jewelry.