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Wedding Registry



Windy Corner Wedding Registry for Aaron and Emily

Mr. Aaron Pont and Ms. Emily Kirk will be married on September 17, 2016 at their home in Saratoga, WY. As part of the couple’s registry, they have selected an assortment of special home décor and kitchen accoutrements from Windy Corner. 

If you wish to purchase one of the selected items please complete the form below or if you are considering contributing towards one of the higher priced gifts, Windy Corner will be pleased to take a partial payment.

We will wrap and deliver your selection, free of charge. Call with your questions: 307 328 2197 or email

Congratulations Emily and Aaron!


Brass/Copper Framed Mirror

Sable Wood Tray

Village Dip Bowl

Kitchen Canisters (set of two)


Corkscrew and Moscow Mule Copper Cups  (sold as grouping or individually)
Cups $32.99 each, Corkscrew $22.99

Brass Modern Candle Sticks

Mother of Pearl Wedding Frame

Black Tree Vase

Pizza and Bread Oven Stone

Kitchen Tools (sold as a grouping or individually)
grater $26.99 oil mister $ 26.99 garlic press $32.99

Chopping Boards
Square $52.99 Bread Board $26.99



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